Italeri 1/9 NSU HK 101 Kettenkrad Military Motorcycle

Italeri 1/9 NSU HK 101 Kettenkrad Military Motorcycle main image

The motorcycle that went to Moscow

With an Opel engine, the front forks of a motorcycle, and a quirky half-tracked rear, the Kettenkrad was an incredibly quirky vehicle with a very militaristic purpose. It was designed to assist Fallschirmjager (paratrooper) operations by providing a light artillery tractor that could fit on the Ju 52. With few paratrooper operations in the offing, however, the Kettenkrad rolled off production lines and straight into Russia. There, the quick, light vehicle laid cable, hauled supplies, and did its best to haul the Wehrmacht through the mud. Kit features working suspension, opening lids, detailed engine, intricate decal sheet, and highly detailed running tracks and tool set.
  • Type: Cars and Bikes
  • Country: Germany
  • Scale: 1:9
  • Skill Level: 5
  • Model Length: 13.1 in (333 mm)
  • Number of Parts: 552 (estimated)
  • Suitable for ages 14 and older
Stock # ITAS7404
Mfg. # 7404S