Italeri 1/720 Admiral Graf Spee

Italeri 1/720 Admiral Graf Spee main image

Out to sea with the Graf Spee

Just before the commencement of hostilities with England and France, Admiral Graf Spee—a massive heavy cruiser—was shipped into the south Atlantic to commence commerce raiding. In so doing, Germany hoped they could starve Britain. For the first months of the war the ship was massively successful. She sank three times her register in merchant shipping and successfully fought off three British cruisers single handedly. However, trapped in Uruguay with moderate damage and little ammunition, it was decided to scuttle the ship and save the crew. Kit features full decals.
  • Type: Cruisers
  • Country: Germany
  • Scale: 1:720
  • Skill Level: 2
  • Model Length: 10.15 in (258 mm)
  • Number of Parts: 162 (estimated)
Stock # ITAS0502
Mfg. # 0502S