Stock Number: ITAS2779
Scale: 1:48
With twin rotors, huge cargo doors, and the ability to fly places other helicopters can't, the Chinook is an exceptional asset. More info...
Stock Number: ITAS1398
Scale: 1:72
The iconic Super Sabre is one of the most well-known aircraft in US military history. It's F-variant, however, had some features that might surprise. More info...


Stock Number: ITAS5620
Scale: 1:35
Germany was stuck. It couldn't cross the channel to take England, so it needed a way to keep other people from getting to England, too. The Schnellboot. More info...

Land Vehicles

Stock Number: ITAS3784
Scale: 1:24
Responding to hotspots the world over, fire trucks like these have to be tough, reliable, versatile, and loaded with lifesaving gear. More info...
Stock Number: ITAS6549
Scale: 1:35
How do you fight a modern war moving artillery and ammunition through feet of mud? With the Steyr RSO! More info...