Stock Number: ITAS2768
Scale: 1:48
The North African desert presents unique challenges to fighter craft—blowing sand, intense heat, long supply lines, and more. Hurricanes bested them all. More info...
Stock Number: ITAS2772
Scale: 1:48
Part of the great leap forward in aeronautics after WWII, the Hawker Hunter was a superiorly agile aircraft designed for war, but used to awe civilians. More info...
Stock Number: ITAS1390
Scale: 1:72
Italy entered WWII completely unprepared for what was to come. The Ca.311 was one of the more sophisticated designs to be fielded by the Regia Aeronautica. More info...
Stock Number: ITAS1395
Scale: 1:72
Air shows are a delight to anyone lucky enough to witness one, and the Patrouille Suisse puts on one of the best displays in the world. More info...
Stock Number: ITAS1401
Scale: 1:72
Argentina never thought the British would fight for a few small islands thousands of miles from Britain. They were wrong. More info...

Diorama Accessories

Stock Number: ITAS6180
Scale: 1:72
Ranging across hundreds of miles across the thickly forested Northeast, the French and Indian War was a struggle of ambushes, skirmishes, and desperate fights for forts. More info...

Land Vehicles

Stock Number: ITAS3654
Scale: 1:24
V6 Power puts the Lancia Stratos at the front of the pack everywhere it goes. This 190 horsepower predator has made its mark since the seventies. More info...
Stock Number: ITAS3922
Scale: 1:24
Swedish auto manufacturer Scania makes some of the most impressive cab over engine vehicles on the market. More info...
Stock Number: ITAS3930
Scale: 1:24
Scania owner/operators love their trucks. They are more like second homes than a place of business, and many owners decorate them lavishly. More info...
Stock Number: ITAS6538
Scale: 1:35
Armor and air power were the determining factors of WWII and the M36 was America?s answer to the blitzkrieg. More info...
Stock Number: ITAS5764
Scale: 1:56
Any tank bearing the name of the glorious leader of the Soviet Union had to be exceptional. The designer's lives depended on it. More info...


Stock Number: ITAS5506
Scale: 1:720
Nothing says "wake up and smell the freedom" like a supercarrier. USS Carl Vinson is ready, at all times, to project the might of the United States Abroad. More info...